Here the roman Cuisine is the watchword.

Our specialties are a still point of the Roman culinary tradition and they represent a solid connection with the old region traditions.Ours is an express and quality cuisine where they are used fresh and seasonal ingredients received everyday.
It characterised us a careful selection for the purchase of ingredients before, for the more from small regional producers that attentively offer selected seasonal products.
The not availability of some dishes is exclusively tied to the season in how much it doesn’t belong to our philosophy propose frozen products.
The Roman cuisine has ancient origins, those farmers of the Urbe, that are renewed then in those some rich and sophisticated tradition of the Roman Empire , to melt in the centuries with the habits and the popular history of the Roman society.

The Roman cuisine is famous for its simplicity, having been born as he cooks poor, and it is rich of base dishes of enterior that once they were not worked but that today they give that special taste that only the Roman dishes bring in table.

La cucina Romana