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Our history – Ciceruacchio

Located between streets and squares in a beautiful seventeenth-century tavern used in those years as a prison Papalino in the heart of the old Trastevere, The Gattabuia is definitely one of the most famous Roman restaurants.

Was founded in 2003 by detecting the well-known “Ciceruacchio” local historian who along with “Meo Patacca” and “Ettore Fieramosca” (all three as property of American Remington Olmsted, American entrepreneur was fascinated by the atmosphere trasteverina) formed the famous trio of restaurants called “Le Taverne” which for over 40 years have been a reference point for the local roman restaurants.

Many, during these years, the frequent visits of well-known characters, used to film locations (remember the “Mamma Roma” Pasolini with Anna Magnani) or the recent Fiction “A bullet in the Heart” with Gigi Proietti and Marco Marzocca.

Recently renovated the place is divided into three rooms furnished with old antiques and ancient tools; looking up at the sky you can admire the original bricks in times of old papal prison.

Gigi Proietti is Bruno Palmieri in “A bullet in the heart” Speaking to Rai.tv, Gigi Proietti, star of the TV drama “A bullet in the heart,” says anticipation and curiosity about the series and its characters in the famous Roman restaurant La Gattabuia.
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From the movie “Mamma Roma” Pasolini restaurant then called Ciceruacchio

La Gattabuia

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