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The Restaurant La Gattabuia

is located in the heart of the old Trastevere in a beautiful seventeenth-century tavern The Gattabuia is a place that has three rooms all with vaults, arches and bricks. The care of the furniture, full of antique furniture and antiques makes the room warm and refined.

Among the typical restaurants of Trastevere, The Gattabuia is definitely one of the most famous, located between the alleys and squares of Trastevere, is easily accessible. The restaurant was made from the walls of an old papal prison.

The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing natural colors.?Great service that has nothing to envy to a fancy restaurant.
The tables are well separated from each other, the menu is varied and especially the menu is always right … in short, an evening at Gattabuia remains greatly impressed when you think you can not wait to go back.

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La Gattabuia

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except for a lunch