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La Gattabuia

La Gattabuia, nestled in the heart of the old Trastevere area, right in the middle of its distinctive maze of alleys and small squares, is undeniably one of the most typical and historical restaurants in Rome.

The place is the result of the renovation of a magnificent XV century space, a former papal dungeon. It is composed of 3 rooms, all tastefully decorated and embellished with old antiques, including some ancient working tools. When you look up, you can see the original vaulted brick ceiling of the old papal dungeon cells, recreating the evocative ambience of the Roman tavern of yore.

Traditional Roman cuisine reigns supreme and local ingredients prevail. However, the menu offers also seasonal surprises and winks at more modern and sophisticated desserts.

Easy to reach by car and public transportation. Thanks to its impeccable service and good reputation, La Gattabuia can provide private dining rooms for groups, also liaising with important tour operators.


First of all, we boil water because otherwise it might be difficult to cook pasta. While we wait, let’s slice the guanciale and stir-fry it with a pinch of pepper


We add pasta to the boiling water, break the eggs – we only need the yolks! – and grate plenty of pecorino cheese


Let’s strain the pasta al dente and stir-fry it in the guanciale pan. Shortly after we turn off the stove, pour in the eggs and mix everything together with an abundant sprinkle of pecorino


Now that it is ready and since everybody knows that eating directly from the pan would be rude, let’s put this delicious stuff on a serving plate right away!

One more sprinkle of pepper and pecorino, eat immediately and enjoy the wine!


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